So, I posted some photos from Pittsburgh after all

At the end of November I said none of my photos from Pittsburgh were "worthy of publishing" to my photolog. Well, I decided to just not care so much and publish them anyways - partly because I want to share them - and partly because I need to be a little less paranoid about that sort of thing.

Panorama: Downtown Pittsburgh

A panorama of a foggy Downtown Pittsburgh from the top of Mt. Washington.

There are about seven photos that I managed to get out. I had to play with them in Photoshop a little to make me a little happier about them, which I know a lot of people have no trouble with but in general I only do minimal post processing.

I believe a few of the photos had much higher potential if 1) I knew what I was doing with a camera. I suppose that the lessons Eliza and I are planning to take will come in handy with this one. 2) I had a better camera when I was taking the photos.

The photos from Pittsburgh were taken with a Canon S2IS. Surely not the worst camera available, but definitely not as nice as our Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Somehow everything is inferior to it now - though I do enjoy the limitations set forth by my iPhone.

Hope someone likes them.