Should cows breathe underwater?

Austin wearing his shirt.

Photo credit: Austin Baker (zoom)

It is a question that has been passed down from generation-to-generation. Scholars and philosophers have lost sleep, blood, sweat, and tears to find the answer but have been as yet unsuccessful.

Until now.

My friend Austin Baker has setup a site where the people can vote on this issue. We can’t just leave something this important up to “the powers that be”. We all need to make this decision ourselves. So go vote now.

For the record: I voted yes. Here is the reason I gave via the site:

I think everyone should be able to breathe underwater! Why should this privilege only be limited to the animals that normally live in water? Shouldn’t we all have choice? If you don’t think cows should drink underwater – I have a simple question: Why?

I submitted this reason in haste and so I think I’ll take the opportunity to rewrite it here.

I do indeed think everyone should be able to breathe underwater. This stems from my desire to do so. Imagine being able to explore ‘the other 70% of this Earth’ without needing to be tied down with heavy breathing apparatus? I do not feel this privilege should be limited to marine life. And, what I meant to ask was – if you don’t think cows should be able to breathe (not drink) underwater I have a question for you; Why not?

Another example of why I should slow down and proofread. Ugh. Ok, now that I’ve rambled long enough I think it is time for you to chime in!