In response to: PHP, MySQL, and Contact Management: Contacts 0.1 by Jon Christopher

How is this for a long title? My friend Jon Christopher is asking for some feedback on a little side project he is working on. I thought I’d duplicate my comment I made on his post in hopes that if any one that reads this would be interested in following this project too. So if you have any interest at all in providing feedback, helping Jon with his project, or keeping up-to-date with his “contacts” application – watch his site.

After reading through your list of feature requests I’m not so sure I have a ton to add at the outset. But here are some things I’d like to see added “long term” (and may even take the time to help you with should I get a few free moments):

1. Export to vCard

You can setup a permalink per contact (an address card if you will) then just push the URL of said card to Technorati’s Contact Service (eg. my vCard).

2. Option to show and/or link to maps service.

Typically a link would be created to open the current address in Google/Yahoo! Maps or Mapquest. However now that Google Maps can be embedded easily I think it’d be a nice addition.

3. iPhone version

Perhaps this is in your plans with the ‘mobile version’ you mentioned. The iPhone could easily navigate the current layout (since it has a full version of mobile Safari running Webkit) – but creating a simple look up and entry point for this application for the iPhone would be killer. I could see companies or family sharing a contacts database this way.

4. hAtom for the hell of it?

The main reason I think it’d be cool to add hAtom is so that coworkers or family members could subscribe to changes found in the database. If someone’s number is changed and/or a new contact is added to the database by one of the applications users – all other users would be notified via a feed.

5. Data import / export / share.

Obviously having some way to import my current address book would be killer. Also, exporting for backup or moving to another platform (or just into my address book) would be killer too. Exporting into vCard per card is ok but if we could have one big vCard with all contacts that’d be neat). This could be done pretty easily with a large list of all contacts on a single sheet marked up with hCard. Though that probably wouldn’t scale too hot.

Sharing though – is something I think would be really neat. It’d be neat to create a community around this project and allow people to share their contact information through this system automatically importing anyone that shares their information into a new “company” called “shared contacts”. Quick and easy way to get in contact with other people that use this app. Just a thought.

6. AIM / Skype contact information

I suppose support for Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, Gmail, etc would be a plus. But for me AIM and Skype information is crucial.

This isn’t all – I will have more. Now you have wanting to help you out!!

I’m leaving comments off on this post because all discussion surrounding this project should be done on his site.