A case of not checking the options

The Lackawanna River going through Peckville, PA between trees of colorful leaves.

One of the many photos.

Peckville, PA

Eliza and I are just nuts over photos. Crazy people. Paparazi-like at times. So the other day she and I wanted to try out her new camera so we did a photo day (see: our first photo day). Being that the new camera is "her camera" – I got the hand-me-down of the old Canon S2IS that she had been using.*

We had a great time snap, snap, snapping photos and when we had gotten home we both realized I had made a grave mistake; I took all my photos at the lowest resolution possible on the camera so they all turned out to be 640×480 pixels.

This was nothing new to us because we had made this mistake in the past. Only, this time I know that I had taken the time out to be absolutely positive I set the photo quality to the highest prior to taking the photos. So what happened? It turns out that the Canon S2IS has a ‘per mode’ preference setting. I had set one of the modes (I believe portrait) to store photos at the highest quality while the SCN > Foliage mode was set at the smallest.

This is frustrating because I know that I got many great photos that are now reduced to the size of the modern day thumbnail. It is OK because Eliza got some really great photos even though it was also her first "real outing" with her new camera (which is a Canon Digital Rebel XTi).

Suffice to say I won’t make this mistake again. I think.

* Just so we’re clear; I get the camera hand-me-downs and she gets the laptop hand-me-downs.