BlogPhiladelphia – Day 2

10:00am – Breakfast was again served in the main ballroom. Bagels, orange juice, coffee, cranberry juice, etc. Good stuff. Who is sponsoring the breakfasts? Thanks to them for doing so (if you know, put it in the comments).

This morning kicked off with Alex Hillman, of Independents Hall, and Doug Bellenger, of talking about working remotely, coworking in Philadelphia, the challenges that surface and how those are handled by those in attendence. Several people brought up simply using Twitter to communicate and obviously other PIM managers, etc.

10:30am – A discussion about the mobile web, cell phones, and how technology in this area is far more advanced overseas.

Scott leads discussions

Scott McNulty (photo video)

1:30pm – While I’m listening to Scott McNulty‘s second session of BlogPhiladelphia about group blogging I just made his session about negative comments public over on Viddler.

We’ve also featured the first session video from yesterday so if you would like to review this session via video – now you can. Remember to just check the blogphiladelphia tag on Viddler for more video.

2:10pm – Partial video of Scott’s session on group blogs is also now available. Recorded with webcam!

Update: Just acquired is which will be a vanilla wordpress blog soon where anyone in Philadelphia that would like to write on the blog can do so. Hooray! Oh, and even though I’m not from Philadelphia – I am an adopted blogger from Philly for those unaware.

2:25pm – The OpenGrid session has now trickled into the main ballroom and this discussion is being lead by David Dylan Thomas about links and how they are being used.

Side note: has a posted a few photos to their blog as well as to the official BlogPhiladelphia Flickr Pool. Thanks to Jason Smith, and many others, for such great photos of this event.

Update: The day wrapped up with a presentation of Toonamation, a very cool plugin that gives you the ability to do a “cell shade” effect (among other effects) to your videos frame by frame. Really, really cool.

Update: I managed to record the video demo of Toonamation and it is now available.