Live blogging the iPhone launch

5:30am - Good morning! I'm going to live blog my entire day. Eliza, my friend Matt, and I are heading to the King of Prussia mall's own Apple Store to meet up with Rob to get in line for our iPhones. I hope to leave by 6:30am.

10:08am - Probably 40th in line at the Apple Store in the King of Prussia Mall. The dude on the Segway (aka Security) already hates me. No idea why. Probably because I'm with Rob. ;)

11:01am - Wet paint? So, the line keeps getting longer. Are you in line? Report in the comments or send a trackback. Oh, and people know about Viddler here!

12:05pm - Gruber just walked in and cut in line. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

4:51pm - About an hour to go. Nothing too exciting has happened today beyond the number of people lining up (around 200) and the security guys constantly Segwaying their way around stopping people from video taping or taking photos.

I'll try to do one more post to update everyone on exactly what the Apple Store does right before 6 but the Wifi here is, well - unreliable. Keep checking Flickr for more updates too, since sometimes that is easier.

Late at night: Updating this post from my iPhone. Full review after a few days use.

Day two: It is about 11am and I played with iPhone until the wee hours of the morning before needing to put it on the charger, oh - and I needed a recharge too so I went to sleep.

Sorry I didn't update this post much yesterday, I should have done a slightly better job. Perhaps now with my iPhone live blogging will become much easier as wifi seems to be hard to come by sometimes (especially at events where geeks are sucking up every bit they can). Here is a set of photos from being in line for the iPhone. Also you will start to see some photos that I've taken with the iPhone that I uploaded today.

I'll be writing a review about this iPhone, probably after using it for a few days. Overall, if you are on the fence still about the iPhone being worth the dough, or the keyboard, or the speed of the Edge network - let me get rid of those fears for you right now without you needing to wait for my full review.

The iPhone is worth the ticket price and then some. The keyboard, in my opinion having not had too much experience with other mobile phone keyboards, is amazingly easy to use. I am able to type very, very quickly already and almost everytime I use it I am getting faster. And, using the Internet while on the road was very, very fast. For the sites that I frequent most while on the go, or accessing my email, I would say that it was only slightly slower than being at home. I'm not exaggerating, it wasn't frustrating or slow at all.

So, go get one now. :) More on the iPhone later.