One year with the Macbook

I purchased my black Macbook on the very first day they were available at an Apple Store in Rockaway, New Jersey. I even wrote about the first week with my Macbook. I had a few problems with the very first Macbook they gave me with a dead mini-DVI port and then random shutdowns with the second one they gave me. Third times a charm, as they say, and since then I’ve had absolutely no problems with my black Macbook.

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One year ago, almost to the day

I use my Macbook on a daily basis. I’ve put it through its paces. I’v taken it on several trips across the country and it has always performed perfectly for me. The battery life is sufficient, the screen size is nearly perfect, its extensibility with external monitors and even my television is an added benefit. I have no real complaints.

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Today, a little over a year

I’d say the only thing that I would change, now that I’ve used it for an entire year, would be the size of the hard drive (though much larger sizes are now available in current models). The hard drive is only 80GB in this model of the Macbook which is not large enough for me to keep all of my music, video, and photos locally on the computer. Being that I’m using a laptop that may never be possible so I’ll always be tethered to some external drive(s) when I need that data.

I’ve had the opportunity to upgrade to a Macbook Pro but I am going to stick with this Macbook. I may even run it into the ground I love it so much. Even if I did upgrade to a larger hard drive, faster processor, and the ability to have much RAM – I’d probably still stick with the black Macbook. I really like the form factor, size, and weight of this computer. It has been the best computer I’ve ever owned.