Weigh in: Week Fifty Five

Lately I’ve been lax in my workouts. This is in part due to the fact that my schedule is not lining up with Chris Fehnel‘s schedule and so I haven’t been regularly hitting the gym nor running (though I have managed to play some frisbee and basketball).

I believe it is time to quit making excuses about scheduling problems and start doing things on my own. I’m going to start running, by myself, starting tomorrow. As for the gym I’ll have to create my own schedule (most likely Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday). I’d love to go in the mornings but that just doesn’t seem possible – I am not a morning workout person.

This week I weighed in within a few ounces of last week’s weigh in. Which is fine because I fully expect to be around 185 pounds for the rest of my life – so being 187 works just as well.

I hope everyone else had a great week on their diets.