Are you a “fanboy”?

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Fanboy button – carocat_1983

Is it possible to not like something only because someone, or a group of people, like it? If one of your friends came to you and said “I love Product XYZ you absolutely have to try it!” would you be turned off by their enthusiasm for it?

Recently I’ve had a conversation with someone who reacts exactly in that way when they see someone, or a group of people, like something too much. They refer to these people as fanboys or zealots and are turned off by anyone showing too much enthusiasm for any one thing.

Personally I believe everyone is a “fanboy” of something at some point in their lives. Perhaps you have a favorite television show, car manufacturer, software application, band, or actor – no matter what it is that you choose to like, you like something. Can’t we all just learn to be happy for one another when we’re happy to have something we like?

Have you ever felt put off by a “fanboy”? If so, please explain. If not, what are you a “fanboy” of recently?