Kudos to Viddlers!

We’re living in an age where all the tools for creating rich media are put into the hands of the consumer for far less than ever before yet this does not mean that producing this content isn’t still very hard work.

I’m now involved with a weekly videocast for Viddler called ViddlerTV, and even though this is only my second week putting the show together, it is definitely giving me a glimpse at how hard this process is.

Perhaps “hard” is not the word I’m looking for. Maybe you could get a glass and fill it half way with tedious and finish it off with time consuming.

What is interesting is that I’m not even near the point I’d like the show to be! I just released episode two, and the quality is certainly better than my first episode, but it is still light years away from where I’d like the show to go. This is somewhat due to the hardware I own, for sure, but I’m also learning the ropes from the software end of the spectrum too.

Doing this show is helping me, and Viddlers, in so many ways. First, I get a glimpse of how hard people work to make good content. This reinforces my profound respect that I have for every Viddler that signs up. It makes me want to work really hard to help give them the best experience possible on Viddler because I know how hard they’ve already worked to get their content ready to publish. And, it also gives Viddler a voice in helping to answer the questions that each Viddler has and also highlights good Viddler usage.

I’m looking forward to learning more about this process as I go forward and hopefully helping people along the way.