My cat Pickles, today

Pickles chillin

Pickles just chillin'

Before I get questions about his nails, we use soft nails on both of our cats and I personally can not recommend them enough. The cats are not subjected to the pain of removing part of their bodies (which is obviously less traumatic to the cats at an early age) and your furniture is not subjected to the habits of cats.

Although I've mentioned my cat Pickles a few times in the past I've definitely not mentioned him enough to consider this a "blog".

Pickles is "my cat" in that I picked him out and that my wife has "her cat" Pookers. I found him online through some classifieds, went to meet the owner (who happened to be the husband of an ex-VP of a company I had worked for previously), and chose Pickles out of a pile of kittens in a box.

Since then, we've been close friends. He's my bud. There are more [photos of Pickles on Flickr]( animal cat&w=38355238@N00&z=t) if you're interested.

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