Weigh in: Week Forty Three

Being able to record my fifth straight loss feels great. When I came out of my slump I was worried it would take awhile to get back on track, especially during the winter months. But I’ve found that, although I do not like going to the gym when compared to doing something active outdoors, doing so is rewarding.

This week I weighed in at 190.0 pounds which is down 2.2 pounds from last week. Being active is definitely the key to the success of my diet. I was regular at the gym this week, and able to play basketball once (though it was supposed to be twice) – and now with the weather finally breaking, my activity level is bound to rise once again.

Winter was definitely hard on me and I hope to find ways to avoid these “down times” during the next winter. Any suggestions for this would help.

Oh, and for reasons that many of you reading this already know – and for reasons that I will be disclosing in a near future post – I’m almost entirely off of coffee and diet soda. So we’ll see how this affects my diet, I’m hoping in a positive way.

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