My appearance on The Vloggies

I've already mentioned this on The Viddler Blog - I had the privilege of representing Viddler on The Vloggies while at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

We talked about how I got Scobleized and Viddler. Watch the show below (if you are in a feed reader come to my site).

Me on the Vloggies.

I spoke a bit too fast, as I have the habit of doing. I really appreciate Irina and her entire team for treating me so well. I got to see a little bit of the behind-the-scenes processes of the Podtech team and how they put together their shows. I have to say that the amount of work that they put into each show is impressive. Each and every team member deserves kudos for the roles they play in getting each show published.

Oh, and some of them are wearing Viddler shirts now. :)

UPDATE: Irina and friends made the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle today. Congrats everyone. Here is the article about old and new media at South by Southwest.

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