Slugger gets updated by Justin Blanton

Justin Blanton has taken the time to give Slugger (a plugin for WordPress that I wrote to allow you to edit your post's slug from outside of the WordPress administration area) an overhaul.

He took the time to write what he did, and didn't like, about the plugin and why he chose to fix it. Read his entry where he introduces Slugger .

To me, this is the perfect example of why I love writing these little plugins. I may not personally be the best person to write some of these plugins (due to my inability to watch for things as detailed as someone like Justin obviously is), but I did have the idea and at least I was able to "get it out there" so other people could improve on it.

And that is exactly what Justin has done. He took what he thought was a good idea for a WordPress plugin, fixed what needed to fixed, and offered a better version of it to everyone for free.

Thanks for updating the plugin Justin. I'll use it religiously.