5 outta 5 fpoons

As you may already know, I like Frostys. Though my opinion is that not every Frosty is created equal; meaning that some Frostys are good and some are not so good.

It is always a crap shoot when buying a Frosty. One day you get a Frosty that will literally knock your socks off and on a different day, even in the same location, you find the Frosty lacking in texture, taste, color, or even the temperature isn’t quite right. I’ve actually even had Frostys that I didn’t enjoy simply because I thought the effort was poor.

Today after basketball Chris, Andrew, Eliza, and I went to Wendy’s to get a Frosty. What ended up happening may have changed our Frosty-eating lives forever!

Photo description

L to R: Chris, me, and Andrew

Today we all had Frostys that could be rated 5 outta 5 fpoons (the highest rating for a Frosty using our patent-pending rating system). If you are not sure what a fpoon is, it is the only utensil to use when eating a soquid.

These Frostys were nearly perfect or as perfect as my taste buds would allow me to experience. Their color, feel, temperature, and taste all melded together to make for the best possible Frosty that we’ve all ever had. Reactions to this ranged from speechlessness to exhilaration. From eyes rolling into the back of our heads to our eyes popping out of them. A wide range of emotions washed over each one of us as we did whatever we could to preserve the feeling for as long as possible.

Frostys this good don’t come around too often. I’m just glad that I was able to experience it with my friends and with people who also understand the intricacies of the Frosty-world.

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