Some new Viddler things

There is a ton of hustle and bustle on the part of the Viddler team, and some of the forthcoming things are by far the most exciting releases Viddler has done to-date.

But, instead of focusing on what has yet-to-come, I wanted to point y'all towards a few things that have already been done.

The flash player and buffering technology behind-the-scenes is constantly being refined. If I remember correctly I've been through well over 12 iterations of the player (thought it appears the same as the day I first saw it) in my short time using Viddler. Obviously the better your bandwidth the better the experience, but for the quality of video that Viddler is capable of serving I can not believe how responsive their player is - and it continues to get better. A little birdy has told me to watch for some updates to the player in the near future that will separate the men from the boys. I think updates like this show that Viddler is dedicated to making the best possible experience, even if you do not know they are making the changes.

Though most video bloggers rely on their own systems of content distribution, and they should, there is no reason that they can't take advantage of Viddler's superior player for the audience that enjoys viewing their video in their browser and interacting with the community. Having the best of both worlds is very possible and we've taken the time to document the process as well as provide an overview and demo video. Obviously Viddler has some improvements to make to become video blogger's one-stop-shop but they definitely are moving in the right direction.

Listen up video bloggers. Viddler is the place that you need to invest your time and effort into if you are looking to use a really great flash player and community service in conjunction with your downloadable and distributable file formats. I foresee many video blog archives being time tagged and searchable like ever before.

Something that has been mentioned before on Viddler is the ability to switch videos inline without refreshing the page. This is going to be extremely powerful for people who have multiple episodes in a single interface (especially as people start using the yet-to-be-released API, shhhh). We're refining this process too as you can see from the latest featured videos post. More on this soon.

I am hoping to talk less and use more Viddler on my site soon. If you are remotely interested in this stuff, I'd suggest subscribing to the Viddler Blog. That is where all the juicy announcements will be happening.

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