I found my wallet

Such as things like this usually go for me, I had put my wallet somewhere I normally wouldn’t have and so I was unable to find it until this morning.

To start though, I owe Eliza, Chris, and the kids that were at the Rec-center that day – an apology.

Eliza I really thought that maybe instead of handing you just the cash that was in my wallet that I may have handed you my entire wallet. So I’m sorry for thinking that maybe you misplaced it.

Chris I’m sorry for thinking it was in your messy car. Wait a tick – maybe the chance of my wallet being lost in the heaps of clothing, fast food bags and cups, old tires, chicken carcasses, fossils dating back to the Jurassic period, and Frosty-stained underwear – caused you to clean that thing out. Perhaps it is you that owe me!

And to the kids that were in the gym that day – I was really optimistic about you guys. You all seemed like great kids (and I mean this) and I was actually surprised how nice everyone was in the gym that day. Typically you don’t find a large group of young people that are as nice as you guys were, not in today’s world.

In any event – I am really happy that I found my wallet. I suppose that I’d better fill you in on where it was, and how it got there. (Actually, I doubt you care, but I’m jotting this down for my own benefit more than you guys, sorry.)

After returning from basketball I immediately took a shower. After showering I picked up my sweaty clothes, and wallet as it turns out, and brought them with me into the bedroom to put into our hamper. But, what I didn’t realize was that I put the wallet in my robe’s pocket! Since that day I’ve worn my robe a few times (though I usually don’t have it on for more than a few minutes each time) so I never really tucked my hands in the pockets.

This morning when I woke up, and it was somewhere around 2-degrees fahrenheit outside, I decided to wear my robe for a little while. The moment I put it on I felt something in the pocket and I knew it was my wallet. Very strange feeling. The realization that it had been in there the whole time, the way it got in there, the number of times I missed it when wearing the robe, all went through my mind very quickly.

So, even though my bank card was cancelled – I’m happy to not have to get a new license or any of the other things that are in my wallet.


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