I lost my wallet

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Wow I’ve never really “lost” anything before. I’ve misplaced things in the past, I’ve pulled my hair out trying to find something, but eventually nearly everything I’ve ever “lost” has turned up somewhere.

Not this time.

On Sunday morning I discovered that I was wallet-less. On Saturday the last time I can remember I had my wallet was right before going to play basketball at the Newton Recreational Center. We were planning on having some company for dinner and so Eliza wanted some cash to buy a few things at the grocery store. I had exactly $60 in my wallet at the time, consisting of three twenty-dollar bills. I handed them to her and walked out the door.

Shortly before we were finished playing someone had mentioned we may need to chip in a few dollars to “rent” the gym. Full-well-knowing that I had just gave Eliza every dollar that was in my wallet, I didn’t even check my coat for the cash because I knew it wasn’t there.

We drove home. Life went on as normal. We had a great time with our company, and went to bed.

I’ve literally checked every possible place (even called the Rec-center in hopes someone turned it in and had the nice fellow working there “check around” for me) but I am still without my wallet.

That Saturday-afternoon there was nearly 50 people in that small gym. A pretty good balance between adults and children. It could have been that someone swiped the wallet, though that still does not seem likely to me since there were cell phones and other wallets that were out in the open while my wallet was tucked away in my coat with the pocket’s zipper-zipped. Even if someone did grab it, they’d quickly realize there was no money and drop it.

Since then no one has attempted to contact me. No one has tried to use any of the cards inside (though my bank card is being cancelled anyway). So I am still thinking that my wallet is out there, lonely, sitting either in a dark crevice at the Newton Recreational Center or on the side of the road somewhere after someone realized how poor I am and ditched the wallet.


UPDATE: I found my wallet.

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