A small iTunes issue and an issue of belonging

My question about iTunes can be found on TheUberGeeks. If you know of the answer, post it there, since it will allow others to benefit from your infinite hacking skills.

My other issue is of where some of my posts belong. As most of you know I write for TUG.n and have since starting it with Chris “back in the day”. I love writing geeky stuff but as I start to get better at writing ( I am improving a little, aren’t I ), I find myself wanting to post much more thought-out posts rather than the normal quickly written posts you’ve seen on TUG.n over the last several years.

That being said, who has the time? Though I think there is a balance, and blogging should not be turned into a form of journalism where every single detail is gone over with a fine-tooth comb (at least not for me personally), I am finding it difficult to strike a balance that I am happy with. So, the TUG.n airwaves go silent.

Perhaps this same issue plagues Mike, and Josue too. Not only are we finding it hard to produce good content on a regular basis (that we’re happy with), but I think we’re also trying to find out where each post belongs. Personal blog, TUG.n, company blog, etc.

It is something that will probably continue to challenge me for quite sometime and I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to fully solve the issue. But I have some ideas up my sleeve that will hopefully be able to pull some of this stuff together and that will help that decision become less important (in theory).

Whoever said blogging was easy never really blogged much or only has one blog.

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