I'm on MySpace

Why? I signed up a few weeks ago for the very first time as an experiment to see if it really worked. I've always heard that if you got onto MySpace, setup your profile a little, and just waited - that people would find you. And I can tell you that it is completely true.

But why did I wait so long? Because almost every user of MySpace seems to be a self-indulged teenager (or a 40-year old pervert pretending to be the same) that sits on MySpace all day and edits their profile to include audio from the top 40, flash animations of butterfly tattoos, and graphics that literally crash your computer when you load the page. It seemed completely and utterly valueless to spend any amount of time on MySpace.

But once you force yourself to get beyond that, there is a "valuable" service underlying in there somewhere. In amongst the error-ridden web site is a service that actually helps you to connect with people you wouldn't have otherwise. Popularity wins in this case because finding the people I went to High School with is pretty much impossible without MySpace. In fact, 90% of them don't even put their real names on MySpace so unless they provided a photo I still wouldn't have found them.

So, I now have a profile. You can add me as a friend but I'm only accepting friends whom I've actually met in real life.

This will probably be the first, and last, post I do about MySpace. Similar to the first, and last, post that I wrote on my MySpace blog. Now if I could just find the latest Britney Spears song to add to my profile...

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