Weigh in: Week Thirty Two

I was able to weigh myself however. I was 190.2 pounds on Tuesday morning.

You might say: “Some diet this guy is on, he keeps going up and down, up and down!”. For me, that is the sign of a diet and exercise program that is working, not failing. I do not want to lose any more “weight” but rather a little fat. The fact that my weight is fluctuating a pound or two, yet I’m still able to eat just about everything I want, motivates me to continue my exercise program.

I’ve been getting to the gym regularly again since the break, and I’m gaining strength and appreciation for my workout. I’ve been switching up my workout program a little this week, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I switched to a strength training program where you slowly increase the weight you are using through your sets. This makes the final set much more difficult than it had been for me previously – and I think that shows a sign of it being a much better workout of my muscles.

Chris even adjusted the way I was doing a workout of my triceps and it made a huge difference. If I’d been doing that workout from the beginning I think I’d have gained much more ground on my triceps. I’ll have to make sure I keep doing it the way he showed me.

Perhaps it is nearing the time to show some photos again as visual proof of the progress, or maybe even some Viddler hosted video. Who knows.

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