Recent “strange” weather might be worse for us than good

It was 66-degrees yesterday here in Northeastern Pennsylvania and today it was around 50 and is raining right now. In “Hotlanta” (Atlanta, Georgia) it was snowing (or so reports the National Weather Service).

Update: Atlanta also had some fun dealing with a Tornado that did quite a bit of damage.

What does all this weird weather mean? This question was asked of a few people playing frisbee at a park yesterday in our area and one man said “Hey, it saves me on my heating bill.” and I thought the same thing. However, it may do us more harm than good.

Matt W. of Metroblogging Philadelphia jotted down a recent conversation he had while pumping gas:

One of the employees comes out and strikes up a conversation with me. “This is pneumonia weather,” he says. “A lot of people don’t know that cold kills bacteria. Warm weather allows bacteria to grow.”

Very interesting if you ask me. Something I’d not really thought of was the “downsides” to all of this strange weather. Sure, we might save a few dollars on our heating bills – but will our health, local natural life, or other things suffer? I think so.

Why am I blogging so much lately? Not sure. Perhaps a new trend.

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