My 2007 Web 2.0 Death list

Paul Scrivens recently said he'd like to see three "Web 2.0" companies (or services) go the way of the dinosaur in 2007. He also asked for people to post theirs, and there are some great ones in the comments of his post.

So here are mine and remember, these are not predictions - just some services I wouldn't mind disappearing.

  • Digg is simply annoying. The editorial process is no longer very valid and some of its features are definitely abused. I still use the service from time to time but I'd like to see a competitor come along that does a much better job.

  • MySpace (which also made Paul's list) is just horrible to use. I find it incredibly ironic that one of the hardest sites to use is also one of the most popular and used by the most inexperienced of Internet users. Again, I'd love to see a few of its competitors get a big break.

  • Basecamp is one of the more popular "project management" applications (especially in my industry). I really do not like this application and I am sometimes forced to use it. I think the application is built and designed well, it is simply not built for the way I think.

Again, I do not foresee any of these services disappearing this year (even though some have predicted the downfall of Digg).

Do you have three services that you either have to use or would love to use but you simply would like to see them improved, replaced, or just "die" in 2007?

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