Not all Frostys are created equal

Andrew, Chris, Mike, and I appreciate the Wendy’s Frosty. Eliza does too but she thinks the vanilla is good so we’ll leave her out of this discussion.

We have a few Wendy’s "near" us. One is in Dickson City (about 10-15 minutes away) and one in Clarks Summit (about 20-25 minutes away)*. Both of which have drive-thrus, both serve up the Frosty.

After some Japanese last night we got some Frostys at the Clarks Summit Wendy’s, and I have to say, they were not very good. They melted quickly, the chocolate was not chocolate enough, and they just weren’t quite right.

I am not sure how Wendy’s makes the Frosty but I assume that there is some sort of mix or common recipe between any Wendy’s location that would be the same. So why aren’t all Frostys created equal? Perhaps if you are an employee of Wendy’s, you can fill me in on this.

* Actually, there is another one in Dickson City inside of the Viewmont Mall but since it would be pretty annoying to go inside of the mall instead of through the drive-thru, I am not counting this one.

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