Wednesday is actually one of my more favorite days of the week

My wife Eliza has said before that she loves Wednesdays. So perhaps it is of little surprise that I too enjoy Wednesdays.

I have a few reasons for really liking this particular day of the week.

  • LOST
  • New DVDs from Eliza
  • A chance to see what you’ve already done for the week, and what is left to do
  • Recently: A day at the gym

Obviously those aren’t really in any order though the list probably reflects closely how I would order the reasons.

LOST is easily my favorite show on television right now and so waiting for each new episode is painful. Yet on Wednesday just knowing that a new episode awaits in the evening, makes the entire day enjoyable.

As Eliza mentioned, she brings home new DVDs from work on Wednesdays. Its really cool to have an early look at upcoming DVD releases, and so Wednesday is enjoyable for that reason as well.

I really like my work, and so being able to assess what has been accomplished for the week, and what still needs to be done, is quickly becoming a really nice way to break up the week. Many people call Wednesday “hump day” since they have to “get over it” in order to slide into the weekend. I suppose this is a good way to look at Wednesday too, since you’re one step closer to being out of work. This just doesn’t apply as much to me is all.

Today there is a fairly large group of us joining the local gym. Eliza and I have been planning on joining for awhile, and slowly but surely others are following suit. Wednesday will definitely be the day that I go to the gym with two other visits during the week being slipped in for good measure. Oh, but we gotta be done with our workouts before LOST comes on, of course.

As a side note: Why Eliza doesn’t write more on her blog is beyond me. Her stories are always entertaining and, especially if you know her well, you can definitely feel her coming through each post. I can’t convince her to hop back into it, but maybe some of you can.

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