Using the calendar disables sharing in iPhoto

I have so many posts about iPhoto in my “saved drafts” area that I figured it is time to get rid of one. This one deals with sharing photos in iPhoto – something that is a fairly painful process still.

In short, if you pull open a remote Library that you’d like to grab a few photos from, and use iPhoto’s built in calendar feature to filter that Library to a specific year/month – you will find it is impossible to drag those photos onto your local Library.

To restore the sharing ability, after having selected 142 photos in my case, I had to disable the calendar feature (by clicking the small X in the calendar) clicking on the main shared Library in the source, reselecting all of the photos I wanted, and dragging them onto my local Library.

Ugh. I might switch to Aperature sooner than later. But not until after I put it through the ringer to be sure that the main problems I’ve had with iPhoto do not exist also in Aperature.

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