My first letter to Steve Jobs

I find this pretty hilarious now. I wrote this on TUG in January 2004.

Mr. Jobs I must appologize for my ignorance and arrogance. I love my iMac, I really do, but I have always had problems with this or that. Not with the computer itself, mostly just connecting to my other computer. Well, today I decided to read the documents on your well design website. Side note: Your website is always fast, and reliable even though a large percentage of the Internet population downloads movie trailers, and now music from it. Kudos.

After reading few docs about connecting my iMac to the PC, I found it incredibly easy to do so. My sincerest appologies for ever doubting.

Your friend, and future 100% switcher,


I still find it pretty funny how long it took me to switch fully to Macintosh and how now I’m still mad at myself for being on the OS for so long. For any of you on the fence, pick a day and switch – you’ll not regret it.

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