Version 3 notes

Oct. 20th 10:35am – As you can probably tell – things are already starting to change. My rethinking may come at some expense to those that regularly read my site, sorry. I’m starting to post some links first, then I’ll be moving onto other things.

For now, you’ll be dealing with the old design while I work and rework the new one. I’m hoping to roll out the new design (that fits this new wave of content) within a week or so. Until then, sorry for all the falling bricks.

Oct. 20th 4:35pm – I’m fairly close to getting a new plugin done what will make posting to this site much more efficient. I shall release it when I get it completely nailed down. But for any of you out there that use WordPress and would like to have better interaction between a desktop application and WP – this plugin will be for you.

Oct. 30th 8:42pm – For those of you wondering where the next version of is, please be a little patient. Eliza and I were sick as dogs this weekend so I literally got no work done on it. Then we had to prepare to get our tile waxed, even though we were sick.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few things accomplished over the next few days, as I’m fairly close to having something that I’d be able to release.

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