A kind of invisibility shield

"Scientists create a kind of invisibility shield by bending microwaves" I find this intriguing of course but I'm of the belief that they are not even close to having anything of real worth. Though I'd love to see a demo.

An interesting quote was: "We did this work very quickly . . . and that led to a cloak that is not optimal," said co-author David Smith, also of Duke. "We know how to make a much better one."

This group took about 5 months to accomplish this from inception to development to testing and that is definitely noteworthy. Though I'd still like to see a demo and perhaps some real data rather than a press release.

Oh, also of note is that even though this came through the Canadian Press, CBC still thought it better filed under Oddities on their site. That gave me a chuckle.

(via Mike via IM)