I am going to run one mile, without stopping, before my next wedding anniversary

I've set and exceeded many goals over the last few months, why not add one more?

Last night Chris and I went for a run, and while he had no trouble with the effort at all, I had absolutely no desire to run the entire mile. My lungs didn't burn, my legs didn't give out, nor did my heart ache - rather I simply gave up. Call it a lack of motivation.

See when I play basketball I have a goal - win the game. After 3 hours of basketball if the game is tied with one shot to go, I have no problem exerting myself. When running, even though I have a goal to finish, I don't have the desire to overly exert myself. I can't quite explain it. So I'm going to ignore my own thoughts and works towards a specific goal.

So I've decided to set the goal of being able to run (read: jog) an entire mile without letup before my 7th wedding anniversary (August 27th). Where I'll go from there, who knows.

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