Weigh in: Week Ten

“So, what’d you do this week?” – Random passerby.

Well, I’m glad you asked! Because what I’ve done this week, as well as most of the past ten weeks, has really helped me with my diet. I’ve had many discussions over the last ten weeks with people on and off the diet. Many people agree, you can’t just “diet” and see lasting results. Things have to change. And I could not agree more. So for any of you that have tried dieting, and failed, know that a diet is not all you need. You need exercise, a good healthy diet, and you absolutely need to break bad habits.

Getting back to the question. Here is what my week looked like for week ten.

  • Monday: Basketball
  • Tuesday: Sit-ups, push ups, lunges, etc.
  • Wednesday: Basketball
  • Thursday: Sit-ups, push ups, lunges, etc.
  • Friday: Basketball
  • Saturday: Football
  • Sunday: Ultimate Frisbee
  • Monday: Basketball

You might ask yourself where I get the time for all of this. Well, all of it occurs usually from 7-10pm at night (except on the weekends). Eliza usually goes walking around the same time so it usually works out good.

I try to stay as close to the above schedule as possible each week. Some weekends are filled with parties, movies, etc. But for the most part we’ve both been taking every opportunity to do something active. This is a big change from us just sitting at home on our computers or watching TV.

My results? Last week I weighed in at 202.0lbs. One of my milestones that I set from the beginning was to be at 200lbs. by the time of our anniversary. I think it was pretty obvious last week I was going to make it (being that our anniversary is on August 27th). Instead of just telling you, I’ll show you what I weigh.

Colin's progress on the diet

Week ten weight: 197.2lbs.

I find it strange to start out my weight with a 1! I was able to lose 4.8 pounds this week (for a grand total of 28.4lbs. in ten weeks or 2.84lbs. average loss per week), and really I owe it all to the exercise. My caloric intake is fairly steady, my muscles are gaining strength, and my fat is reducing.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s week ten results.

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