Weigh in: Week nine

As you might have read in the Flickr group, I went to a fair and a baseball game this week. Both of which would have normally been events that I’d indulge in eating as much food as I could afford, along with beer. But I was able to refrain from my gluttonous past tendencies.

However, food can be delicious and fun and add a lot to an experience. And a day’s worth of overeating can be easily averaged out during a week of low calories. — Brian (bovious)

An excellent point. Food is meant to be enjoyable. Yet I still believe in moderation, and I think you can still enjoy food without simply eating too much of it.

So, how did I do this week? Last week my weigh in was 206.6 pounds. This week – 202.0 pounds. As I said last week, I did increase my calories slightly, but I also played a fair amount of basketball and ultimate frisbee so I’m pretty sure my results are coming from the exercise.

The recent heat wave probably helps too. Last night we played basketball in a 102-degree gym. My sweat soaked through my shirt to the point where I looked like I had jumped in a pool with my clothes on. You know your making progress when you actually enjoy that type of exercise.

Here’s to hoping that next week my scale reads something below 200 pounds for the first time in many, many years. How did your week go?

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