Weigh in: Week Eight

This is just a real quick update, as I am going to wait until week ten for another photo and an update of greater detail.

We went camping for five days, we had to drive a friend back and forth to Newark, New Jersey, and we had a little shindig in said friend's honor prior to camping - all of these things could have lent themselves to massive gains for yours truly, but I was able to suppress most of the impulses and came out on top.

Well, sorta. I didn't lose a single pound. I am still at 206.6. But that is ok with me, considering the beer, ice cream, smores, hamburgers dripping with grease and smothered in cheese, macaroni salad that you wanted to swim in, banana bread, wine, bacon, and various other fatty and high calorie foods were floating around. Oh, and I had quite a bit of sushi twice this week. Man that stuff gets me every time.

I consider it a personal victory that I had the ability to restrain myself to the extent that I did not gain any weight.

From what I read, many of my fellow dieters did well, so I'm really happy about that too.

The camping trip, and the saga that is my computer, will be written up as soon as I catch up on work. Now, off to play some basketball to get back into my normal schedule, and begin seeing results once again.

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