Flood waters are receding

The governor of Pennsylvania stated that: “We dodged a bullet.”. And I definitely agree. Levees were tested to their max, rescue workers were tasked, and several people were tested to see if they’d heed the direction of local government to save their own lives.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can read my coverage of the flooding in my area.

There were deaths, but certainly not as many as their could have been, and the flood itself could have done more more damage if it wasn’t for some very good engineers. Hats off to those that only get recognized for their hard work and creativity when disaster strikes.

Deer in a field.

A deer in the field almost every morning.

However, the flood waters are receding, people are cleaning up their properties, crews are working to clear debris from roads, parks, and power lines. It won’t be long until everything is back to normal. For some, that road is longer than others.

Eric Fehnel, Chris’ brother, IMed me this morning letting me know his home sustained a lot of damage. However he plans to make several improvements to his home and property in order to save himself from this sort of thing happening again.

If any percentage of those effected by this recent flood have the same attitude as Eric, and strive to improve their chances for the next time something like this happens – many will benefit.

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