A request to all dieters

As we edge ever closer to the number of 100 dieters on the list, I have a request to each and every person on the diet.

Please weigh in tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the end of our first full month, or four weeks, on the diet. Several of those that have asked to be part of this diet have not weighed in even once, which is fine - but we could really use the motivation from everyone on the list.

As with most things, not everyone will participate on the same level. I don't expect daily updates, actual weight numbers, or photos from each and every dieter. But I ask sincerely that you at the very least share your successes and failures for each week at the very least. Perhaps it is only a line or two stating that you did good, or bad, for this week. Not only will you help the others around you, but you will end up giving others the opportunity to help you.

If you do not have a Web site, you can post for free in our Flickr group. There is no need be worried about having your own web site, just post in there and everyone in that group can read and respond.

Thanks to all that have participated in this diet so far. You are a true inspiration and definitely a motivating factor in my personal success thus far. I hope the rest of you on the list will join us to share your stories as well.

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