Soft nails

For the last few years we have been dealing with 'life with two cats in an apartment'. There are many drawbacks, and benefits, to having cats (as I'm sure many of you cat lovers out there know).

We had been wanting to get new couches for quite awhile, and have been unable since we feared the cats instantly clawing them to shreds #. Our couches, as they were, were torn up quite a bit - and we didn't want to spend money to just have the same result. So, we were left with the following options.

  • Get rid of the cats
  • Keep the cats quarantined in a single room
  • Get them de-clawed
  • Try out soft nails

We had considered all of these options for several weeks actually, and finally settled on giving the soft nails a try - and I think we're both very happy that we did.

For the last week and half (since we got our new couches delivered), our cats have been in the office only, away from the couches. We let them out occasionally while we could supervise them, but we sat there watching their every move paranoid that they'd scratch up the couches again. Within minutes of having them out Pickles went crazy on them. So, we tossed them back into their "dungeon" and there they stayed until the soft nails were delivered and put on.

Yesterday, we got them in the mail. Our next challenge was putting them on. If you knew our cats, you'd know that Pickles would be a very little challenge while Pookers (my wife's cat coincidentally) would be the ultimate test of this product. Actually, to be fair, it went much better than expected. We got a system down of how to handle the task, and within a few minutes both cats were walking around with their soft nails on.

Pookers with green and yellow soft nails on

Pookers with Packers colored nails

Eliza chose to outfit her cat with the colors of her favorite football team, The Green Bay Packers. You can't see the yellow really, but we know it is there, and that is all that counts.

Pickles with blood red nails

Pickles with blood red colored nails

Pickles, my little boy and the professional hunter that he is, looks like he just took down a wildebeest. I figured this would be more fitting than buying a color that would simply blend in and disappear.

Also, picking brighter colors will make it much easier for us to see if the cats have chewed off or grown out of any of their nails. Since we are going to have to put them back on about once per month.

Now, we can play with our cats without fear of laceration. They can play all over the couches without tearing them into little pieces. And, they look so cool while doing all of it.

# Neither of our cats have been de-clawed, and they care far too old at this point for that option. Return

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