I hate headaches

I try my very best to avoid headaches, but once and awhile they creep in on me. Since I do try to avoid headaches, when I get them they are usually pretty debilitating. Most of the time, me having a headache forces me to suspend any activities until it is gone.

One of the most annoying things for me about a headache, is that sometimes you get one that is rather persistent. You take a shower, a nap, some pills, and yet still the headache is there once the pills effects wear off.

If I have one or two hot dogs, without eating anything else, I will sometimes get a headache. So whenever I do have a hot dog, I make sure that I eat something else with it too. Like I said, I do whatever I can to avoid headaches because for me, they do not go away very easily.

I try to get rid of my headaches usually by taking a few extra-strength pills and take a nap if need be. Depending on how tense my neck is, I will sometimes take a really, really hot shower to try to loosen my neck muscles.

Do you get headaches? Are they caused by anything in particular? How do you choose to get rid of them?