Poker losses and winnings

Chris had a few friends over tonight, myself included, for some poker and darts.

The first game of poker went "okay" since I came in second, losing to Ryan (Chris' brother) after a few hands heads-up. I think I misplayed about 4 or 5 fairly large hands during that game which led to my demise.

After playing darts, and throwing better than I think I ever have, we played a second game of poker. After taking out Chris on the first hand, that gave me the momentum needed to make it to the final two again. Again, I was going up against Ryan, but this time I ended up coming out on top by flopping the nuts. I had K-J, and A-Q-10 flopped on the board. He took a stab at the pot (which was already slightly sizable) but ended up playing right into my monster hand. There is no way I could have played that hand too well given the situation - so he ended up giving me the game with his bluff at the wrong time.

Eliza gave Matt a whoopin' at darts, though I think Ryan proved to be the most consistently accurate thrower.