Repetitive errors

Each time I shower (about once every two or three months), I forget to dry off my left shoulder until last. Its something I’m perfectly conscience of, yet it seems to happen every single time.

My toothbrush is in the “medicine cabinet”, which is behind the mirror above the sink, and every time I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I walk over to the wrong cabinet before realizing that my toothbrush is above the sink. It has never been anywhere else, so why do I make this mistake?

When I get my morning coffee, I will sometimes grab a breakfast treat. This week, I have a few “apple pie” type thingies to eat in the morning. I’ll grab myself one, head off to the desk with coffee and pie in hand. Two hours later, my coffee will be gone and I’ll notice I didn’t take a single bite of my treat. What the heck?

Other times, when I’m toasting something in the toaster oven (lets say bread for sandwiches), I will come back to my iBook and start typing away. Almost inevitably, I’ll begin to smell something burning. Unless I wait in the kitchen for my toast, I’ll probably end up forgetting that I even started making lunch.

I do stupid stuff like this all the time. Absent minded due to the nature of my work? Perhaps. But I should still be able to learn from these repetitive errors.

Update: Let me update this list with one more. Walking into a room with something specific to do, or get, and coming out not having done that nor with the item I intended. Leaving me the task of going back into the room again. Sometimes this process repeats itself a few times before success.

Do you have any stupid things that you seem to do repeatedly?