Small things change the overall experience

I’m writing this post, while sitting at my dining room (I use this term loosely) table, using Flock.  No, not the built in blogging capabilities (they suck), but still using Flock for the second full day in a row.  I’m also using my new bluetooth mouse.

Though these two things do not change what I’m accomplishing, they do vastly change the experience.

Downloading, installing, and using a new application can make an entire day blow by like it never existed.  Not only that, but it can make you attack a day’s worth of work with a whole new vigor.  I remember when I first switched to TextMate, there was no stopping me.  Quicksilver, my god - that day was one of the best days I’ve ever used Macintosh.

Couple that with using my new mouse; and you’re making for an entirely different and incredible enjoyable experience.

Maybe I’m alone in this, but do you feel the same way?