I’m enjoying the weekend, but thought I’d hop on for a minute or two, and noticed something that made me feel a twinge of jealousy.

I’m generally not a jealous person. For instance, if you roll by me in a brand new Jaguar and think I’ll turn green, you’re probably wrong. I’ll shake your hand and say job well done, fully acknowledging the amount of work you’re probably doing to make those payments, but I won’t feel an ounce of jealousy.

I’m not sure why jealousy doesn’t come easy to me. I’m usually more happy for people than jealous of them. Or, its because I don’t like people that show off their things, means, or money simply to try to make me feel jealous. Perhaps I’m callus to it.

Either way, today’s short bout with jealousy came in the form of blog posts announcing that certain MacBooks are being shipped and the recipients should be receiving them this week. The jealousy was temporary, as I’m now happy for those getting their new Macintoshes – but I still find myself wanting one. There is a difference between wanting something someone else has and jealousy, this I know, but I know that for even just a moment I felt some jealousy.

Perhaps I’m human after-all. Do you find yourself being jealous?