Things I’d love to do, but will never be good at

I’d love to play piano, but no matter how hard I try – I suck. I simply can’t get it. Perhaps its my inability to “hear” music the way musicians do, or whatever, but its something I desire to do and just can’t. I’m considering taking real lessons, and if I do – and they do not go well or provide any progress – I will give it up altogether forever.

I can’t draw either. In my mind I can see what I want to draw. I have an immense amount of respect for those that can draw. But I, on the other hand, just can not recreate on paper what is in my head.

I’m of the opinion that, you can learn anything in life. I’m almost completely self-taught in everything that I do. However, I’m also of the opinion that to be good at anything you need natural talent.

Someday I might be able to draw, or play the piano, but I fear that I will never be good at either of them. Oh well. Life goes on, and I go back to what I’m good at. Eating, sleeping, and breathing are three talents that I pride myself on.