A concerted effort to get back outdoors

When I was younger, you’d never find me indoors. My parents were constantly yelling my name to come in and eat, many times I was well out of earshot.

For most of my childhood, the rule was to be in by dark, or at least in the yard. I rarely followed that rule, which cost me a lot of time and responsibility I’m sure.

When I hit 14 years of age, I discovered computers, and my life outdoors slowly began to shrink away. Sure, I love going outside and doing many outdoor activities, but the ratio has shifted so dramatically, that I feel its beginning (11 years later) to effect me.

It’s a well known fact that the Sun is an essential part of every human being’s life. I can definitely feel my lack of exposure to it.

I plan, this year of 2006 and especially this Spring and Summer, to make a concerted effort to get back outdoors. I’m sure the ratio will never return to my childhood, but it definitely needs to improve from its current state.

Side note: I tried to format this post using Firefox. WordPress.com, using its WYSIWYG is absolutely horrible at this. I’d much rather see Alex King’s old quick buttons come back and ditch the WYSIWYG editor, or drop it for a much better one. Oh, and please allow me to edit my themes. Otherwise, I gotta get off this service soon.