Inspiration can come in many forms, and spur you to do many different things. Being that I have multiple drives, I can be inspired by a wide-range of persons, sights, feelings, and “things”.

Today I wrote about a theory I have that all feeds can be defined using one unique definition, all while not speaking in technological terms. Doc Searls linked to that post, describing his feelings on the matter, and also reiterating my own for his audience.

Here it’s especially clear to me how conversational blogs are, and how provisional their most useful posts can be.

By contrast, wikis are finished-looking documents. They look and often serve (as does Wikipedia) as a final document. Their authority derives to a large degree from their apparent finality, and their utility as an authoritative source. The conversational vetting process isn’t clear in the published text.

Blogs, on the other hand, are easier to parse. You know they’re the work (usually) of one person, making a series of posts over time. They’re more crumb trail than bread. — Doc Searls

These few paragraphs, and the amount of meaning they hold, has inspired me to strive even harder to write well. Thank you Doc, for the link, the ideas, and the inspiration.