I’m too busy at work to think of anything other than work and I don’t want to write about work

Since I’m working very hard at the end of this year to wrap up a few projects to get them out on or shortly after the New Year. This process makes it almost impossible to think of much else, which leaves my writing constrained to topics that I don’t enjoy writing about.

There are literally hundreds of Web sites that have some really great articles on development and programming, all of which I enjoy reading - since that is what I do - however I have never enjoyed writing technical jargon for others to enjoy.

I believe that some of the things that I’m able to do, in the world of programming, would be found interesting by some. Yet I have this thing where I like to keep those types of things to myself.

I’m not sure why writing about what I do does not interest me, but perhaps I’ll keep a private journal on the processes and methods I use to get my work done - and publish a book for everyone to pay too much for.

Nah, everyone is doing that too.