I’m about half way done with Peter Jackson’s King Kong for the Xbox

No, not the Xbox 360, I won’t get one of those till spring. I’m actually incredibly glad I didn’t get an Xbox 360 out-the-gate. Those of you who paid thousands of dollars on eBay for a machine that will probably freeze on you, I salute you Mr. I have to have everything first even though the company that produced it is notorious for creating horrible first-run products.

I did manage to snag a copy of Peter Jackson’s King Kong and I think I’m about half way through. I probably won’t write up a full review of this game, even on TheUberGeeks, I will leave that to those much better at doing so.

I will say that I enjoy the human play much more than being Kong, but being Kong is very very cool. He covers ground like crazy and he has some really cool moves. Can’t wait to see him in action on the big screen.

As a human, you have many options available to you throughout the game. As Kong, you have much less. And, the button mashing that it takes to kill a dinosaur gets rather annoying after you do it 50 times. Besides that, everything is really great. Graphics, game-play, pace and there are a ton of surprises. Chris and I both jumped at a few parts, and I really like how smart some of the animals are.

Ok, now its back to Halo 2 to round out the weekend, and then back to work tomorrow.