I work for a Weblog Network

I never thought I’d say that. In second grade when the teacher came around to me and asked “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” – I can guarantee my answer was not “A CTO from a Weblog Network”.

In fact, I can’t even tell you what my answer was when I was in second grade. During high-school I actually thought I’d work on cars in some fashion. I used to do auto-detailing, dabbled with paintless dent removal and even helped build a few show-quality cars and trucks. Although those things were fun, none of them stuck. I’d love to jump back into that arena someday, as a hobby – but I think I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that I would never desire to work on cars for a living.

I’ve been working with computer technology since the age of 14. And at 25, I can definitely say it suits me. There are times when I second guess those feelings, but the ratio seems to always lean towards me wanting to stick with what I am doing.

I’ve been the CTO for a few companies now, and being CTO for 9rules – more specifically working under one the nicest guys on the Internet – Paul Scrivens – has been my most rewarding tries at CTO so far. And after the most recent success of Round 3, I can definitely say that it should only get better from here on out.

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