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WWDC 2017 recap

I wanted to take a few moments to jot down a comparison between my wish list for this year’s WWDC and what was announced. Also, towards the end, some quick thoughts on the surprises that were announced. Here are my wishes, in order from the previous post, and whether or not we got them. Shared […]


Back to Apple, again

Each year WWDC week gives us new and updated Apple software that is easier to use and more tightly integrated. As a result, each year I find myself wishing that I used Apple software exclusively instead of using third-party applications. Forgive me, but I’m about to quote an entire post that I wrote in June 2014 as to […]


I’m waiting to write a full comparison of my WWDC wish list to what is being announced by Apple because as WWDC week continues more news leaks out. Suffice to say more and more of my list is getting checked off as the week goes by.

WWDC 2017 wish list

It has been an exciting year for developers so far. Facebook is making the camera a platform, Microsoft is making cloud computation happen with two clicks of a mouse, and Google is doing everything that everyone else is doing plus a billion more things. WWDC is next week. So what are my wishes? Since I […]


Apple could not possibly cover every update to iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS in their Keynote. So as the nerds have been picking through the trash in and around San Francisco they’ve been able to dig up several subtle changes that are worth noting. Here are a few of them that I’ve found via Twitter […]


WWDC murdered my wish list

In a good way. Yesterday I scrawled a few comments during the WWDC Keynote, and did 1 second reviews of the announcements on Snapchat, but I thought I’d jot down the tally of things I had hoped for against what was actually announced. First, however, let me just say that the amount of work Apple showcased yesterday […]


That was a strong WWDC Keynote. Huge leaps forward in software and services. A near impossible amount of work has been accomplished.

This watchOS update is an incredible improvement. Apple must have a huge amount of resources on Watch.

MSFT’s E3 Xbox Keynote has had gallons and gallons of more blood in it than Apple’s WWDC Keynote will. Turning off E3 Keynote.

WWDC 2016 wish list

Wish lists have been swirling around these last few days and many of them are quite good. But none of them are mine. So here is my wish list, not my predictions, for what will be announced today at WWDC. I hope Siri can do a lot more – I think we’re overdue on being […]