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CSS Grid

CSS Grid is rolling out to browsers. Firefox already, Chrome this week. Eric Meyer: For well more than a decade now, when asked what CSS needs more than anything, I’ve said it needs real, actual layout.  “A layout-shaped hole at its heart” is a phrase I may have used a fair few times. A nice […]


Resilient Web Design

Jeremy Keith: Resilient Web Design is a short book. It’s between sixteen and seventeen megawords long. You could read the whole thing in a couple of hours. Or—because the book has seven chapters—you could take fifteen to twenty minutes out of a day to read one chapter and you’d have read the whole thing done […]


Signature style

Great piece from Lea Alcantara on her company blog on how originality and style have fallen to practicality and everything looking the same in web design: The result usually ends up being less creative or original due to drowning with these constraints. It’s understandable. It might even be laudable. I’m still soaking all of it […]