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Mina Markham:

In August, we released a major redesign of, and we want to give you a peek behind-the-scenes.

She goes on to show tons of details on their latest redesign. There are several bits I found interesting such as their attention to accessibility, how they handle fall backs for IE11, and how they made responsive illustrations.

/via Brad Frost.

CSS Grid

CSS Grid is rolling out to browsers. Firefox already, Chrome this week.

Eric Meyer:

For well more than a decade now, when asked what CSS needs more than anything, I’ve said it needs real, actual layout.  “A layout-shaped hole at its heart” is a phrase I may have used a fair few times.

A nice step forward in layout for the web.

See also Jen Simmons posts on Learn CSS Grid, the benefits, and wow, there are a lot of properties.

Resilient Web Design

Jeremy Keith:

Resilient Web Design is a short book. It’s between sixteen and seventeen megawords long. You could read the whole thing in a couple of hours. Or—because the book has seven chapters—you could take fifteen to twenty minutes out of a day to read one chapter and you’d have read the whole thing done in a week.

Can’t beat the price. I’ve already dug in a little. Hoping to dig in a bit more during this snowy weekend.

Signature style

Great piece from Lea Alcantara on her company blog on how originality and style have fallen to practicality and everything looking the same in web design:

The result usually ends up being less creative or original due to drowning with these constraints. It’s understandable. It might even be laudable.

I’m still soaking all of it in. I’m not sure where I land just yet. Which means this is a must-read.