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My favorite video on YouTube so far this year

The Creek, by Rolf Nylinder is my favorite video on YouTube so far this year.

The techniques and tools are all invisible lending way to only the story. I try to explain this to those whose videos I respect but that could be improved. So typically on YouTube it is about the gear. The drone shot looks like a drone shot. In this video, the drone is yet a tool that helps to tell the story. You hardly notice it is a drone shot.

The sound editing is also so, so good.

There is no greater compliment I can pay Rolf Nylinder except to say that I wish I had made this video. And that this video now sits directly next to another favorite of mine, The Arctic by Tim Kellner.

What I saw this week #54: January 11, 2019

Here are a few things that came across my desk this week

  • Yo-Yo Ma on Song Exploder – I really enjoyed this episode of what is always a fantastic podcast.
  • Cocaine Hippos – As I was reading the Wikipedia entry for Hippopotamuses (as one does) I came across the fact that Pablo Escobar single handedly brought hippos to South America and they are still there.
  • Teaching Chinese in Kenya – Starting at age 10 children in Kenya will now be taught Mandarin. This says a lot about China’s economic growth over the last 3 or 4 decades.
  • Alaska by Tim Kellner – As per usual Kellner absolutely smashes it. The sound editing alone is amazing. See also: Arctic (mentioned in #17).
  • Infinite Now Live – Armand Dijcks (mentioned in #42) is back with a live performance of Infinite Now. I’d love to see this.

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